Hello, and welcome! I'm Ayaka nguyen and this space is where I share bits and pieces of my student adventures in Sydney, Australia and beyond ! I love travel, good food, and life’s simple joys. life is beautiful! In all honesty, something I'm trying to understand and learn. I'm opening my arms to vulnerability and here it is in all it's glory and documented in writing. I will be sharing my three goal of travelling: solo/couple travel, travelling with dogs and archaeological travel.

AFter an honest break from Biomedical engineering and marketing I have decided that i needed to do something that will bring me true happiness, a source of happiness that goes beyond validation and EXPLANATION. i decided that my love for history, science and travelling is enough for me to take a leap of faith. and, it's the best decision i have made, I am having a blast at the university of sydney, studying archaeology and english. this blog is a stepping stone to my passion for writing, photography, travelling and it's a constant piece of work that will remind me it's okay take risks.