Being vulnerable sure scares the heck out of me! Although, at the same time it's quite satisfying and romantic, wouldn't you agree? I'm the typical chameleon-artist that jumps from one hobby to another seeking for The One - well,  the one (or two, or three) things that would make my heart content. After all these years, I could not help but noticed that the things dearest to me were always within reach of my fingertips, yet, I convinced myself to chase after the stars. Surely, this will not be the first time I will try to tell myself that its okay to romanticise life, but, it's undoubtedly the best time to pencil it all. And how do I know this? Well, there isn't really such thing as the right time but rather the Best Self.


Trust me, I've sat down with life and had a chat, a long chat, a brewed tea kind of chat (I sure hope I was not charged too heavily for the session). Okay, I will (probably) never be enough or live on a farm with ten dogs, speak fluently in five languages, be on broadway, travel the world in a caravan with my husband and animals or merely hold a friendship for more than 3 years- The list goes on!

And honestly, it's the realisation that life is what you make it and you're in complete control of what you want to nitpick and obsess over. 

So I decided that I can dive. Inhale. Skip along that freshly bloomed field of vulnerability. I wanted to write, and so, here I am. Who needs to worry about an audience (or lack thereof) when I am my worst critic? Maybe someone out there could relate to this open canvas of mine, perhaps we could share a thing or two. But here, for now, a sheltered tapestry for my freshly prepared palette of laughter,  failure, energy and all that entwines in between. 

Come along?


Ayaka Nguyen